A Good Start Does Not Guarantee A Good End

We ought to think of this, do you remember how we started the race, Vibrant, zealous, enthusiastic, radical and fireful? What then is going on? What’s going on?
The fact that Satan, Lucifer which is the devil was beautiful and was made an anointed Cherub, when he was puffed up pride gave him its award, which resulted to wanting. (Ezek 28:12-17;Isaiah 14:12-15).

You are a minister yes, but don’t forget, that your life is at the mercy of God.
You may carried a lamp like a virgin and still be rejected. You should know that the beginning of the day you loss your identity becomes more of your end? (Matt 25:1-11).

Ooh! You’ve forgotten when it’s said you are the salt of the earth? But if you failed to ascertain your value and worth, that becomes your unsavoriness, and the worst of all dear, men would wants to trample on you. (Matt 5:13)

None should be deceived! Our talents is not a guarantee for a thorough finished end. Do you know jealousy and uncontentment may stand to break us, and eliminate us from contending from the eternal reward ahead of us. What do you see and how so you see, becomes a heart check tools for the vibrant believer.

You may be as meek as Moses, but do you know dear, that anger when scored high has its awarded – very destructive. And one may not be a able to finish a good course in the journey of destiny, even when all that is required to arrive to one’s desired destination was just another night for the daystar to arise in ones heart. ( Num 20:10-11) Our daily cry should be a heart check.
Father, search me Lord, if there is anything in me that’s an hindrance to your purpose for my life – I want to run like apostle Paul and also finish my race too. I don’t want to waste anotheranothe in the air anymore. I want revival” A heart check dear, a heart check.
How so fast was it for Gehazi to forget the inevitable end of covetousness, and he must have thought that man would always live by what he eats daily, the substance and materials he possessed. That decision cost him the mantle that would have sustained the anointing of Elijah and be a fearful blessing to his generation. (2 kings 5:21-27).
There is nothing wrong for a child of God to go after wealth, famw and the prestige of earthly good abs possession. But, must be done in the light of the scriptures. In God’s way. You can run your business like a ministry. Making Jesus the center of it all. Remember the outcome of Peter’s fishing business after he submitted it for the LORD’s work.

Oh I just remembered how powerful Samson was, until the day he lost his sight to who he always want to be with and what he love doing with this so called LOML. The act of lust ends his history at a very tender age. That alone affect the move of God for the earth. What convinces you that you can scale through when Samson swim in the same pool and was unable to come out to the shore? (Judge 16:28-30)
Flee like Joseph dear, he had same so called opportunity, but for the fear of God, he fled. Be warn brother, be warn. The Holy Ghost needs you more than you need it(so called Opportunity)

Who told you that if you are soaked with love and power like Peter, and you forget to bridle your tongue you will not say it wrong?
Checking up should be a daily routine, (2 Corinth 13:5),
Search me and try me.

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