About Us

Greetings dear,


Many years ago, there lived in an ancient city a very sophisticated and well to do doctor. He took to record an account about what others have been writing before about his faith. He said it seems good to him to write also to his readers after having enough experience and expertise to do so. Going back to what the doctor said, it seems good to me also to write about what I have known also about the faith to you our most adorable readers.


What is the purpose of social media to a Christian? This was the question that strikes my heart in a prayer meeting. Initially, I was working on a secular blog to make money. But the Holy Ghost caught my attention and made the will of God known to me. And also made me aware of the possibility of earning as a Christian blogger.


Our goal of writing is to project Christ and also to provide you with vital information on the various ways we could use to utilize the internet world in fulfilling God’s purpose for our life and destiny.


We also want to work with religious bodies including NGOs to make visible their labor of love in serving God and humanity.

We also have plans for our readers who are yet to find their purpose in God’s kingdom. We are not here to argue about doctrines, we are very simple to the call and giving you the best information to do what you’ve been doing, and teach you ways you can be better on it. We believe that your cooperation with us is a great plus to the body of Christ.



“We are here to spread the gospel in our unique ways using the old Christian vibes ”

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Edah Jeffrey