Do You Know Him?


Yet ye have not known him; but I know him: and if I should say, I know him not, I shall be a liar like unto you: but I know him, and keep his saying.
John 8:55 KJV

Do you know God? Wait! before you answer that question. Let’s take this short illustration. Imagine you’re working in a firm under a very big fat and rhombus boss. And often time whenever you come to work the boss happens to play with almost everybody except few persons including you. And it’s commonly believe that the reason it was so is because of the department you are under the firm. You could only see your boss through a transparent glass that surrounds your office like a wall. Your head is always on the job and most of the times you don’t have the slight of all time to even go out for lunch. Like many bankers; you order your food from cafeteria. As a serious minded individual you always mind your job. Good.
Do you think this image we just portrayed now knows where the boss lives? Maybe is aware of the location but not the exact place.
Do you think this image knows the name of the boss wife and peradventure the names and the number of children he had?

Let’s face it

Do you think this identity can walk on to the boss office, and try to calm him down whenever there’s room for that? For instance the employees were not able to meet up with the goals and demands laid down for them by their boss. Let’s say, the marketing team couldn’t bring in a single client to the company for a whole month and, they are demanding for a raise in their pay. Do you think this friend of ours who happens to be you is in the best position to walk into the boss office after a knock on the day, and try to plead on behalf of the staff of the firm and asking the boss to give them one more month, and also promised to exceed all their past records.

Now if you can pass these questions, then you can actually answer this question

Do you know him?

I Know Him

The person we are referring here is God can you say as Jesus said twice within one verse ….but I know him: and if I say I do not know him, I shall be a liar like you: but I know Him. (John 8:55)


knowing God is beyond reading the Bible and praying at night. If you as a believer could dictate by the Spirit of God, how God feels for humanity, His opinion over a given matter, and you’re able to bring it to God in a conversation and He response to you. Then you can say you know Him.
For the very last time: Do you know Him?

Our prayer is simple

Father I want to know you and the power of your resurrection. I want to partake in your sufferings and have fellowship with you. I want to be confirmed to your death and let what bothers you bothers me. Let what breaks your heart breaks mine too. So, help me God. Amen.

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