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There are different methods adopted in this age to get the message of the kingdom of God and His Christ across to everyone who needs it. Sadly, the one commonly engaged by us is the offline version/method. One-on-one evangelism, crusades and our usual Church Services
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There are few people in scriptures that were sold offline, but we shall be addressing just two here today.

 Joseph was sold by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver

  EJW is not in any way trying to justify the selfish acts of transactions by Joseph’s brothers. Rather, we are here to point out the outcome of it. How God turns it to good.

 Jesus was sold by Judas Iscariot for 30 pieces of silver

  One of the disciples of Jesus betrayed him and sold him offline. This was a bad transaction because the intentions were wrong. Although it was part of God’s will to redeemed the world from destruction. This transaction was not a good one neither was it favorable to the one involved, unlike Joseph’s brothers who at the end of their dealings gain not just the 20 pieces of silver, but also partake of the royal privilege attain at the end of this transaction. They were invited to the palace to dine with the king of Egypt. But, here in the case of Judas Iscariot, he returned the money to his customers and went on and hang himself. It was a disastrous moment for his family. So sad!

The Concepts

Jesus wants to be everywhere souls are

It is good you understand the concept of what we are here to talk about.
I. Our sales of Jesus online is scriptural-based.

II. This transaction doesn’t involve betrayal or denial of the Messiah, rather it is a means of getting the gospel across to everyone out there that comes in contact with our materials, and everything we put on the web.

III. To enable us to understand the classes of men that require our saving commodity – Jesus. Failure to reach out to these classes of men would result in eternal condemnation on their souls. They have to know that Jesus is the way, and securing Him is securing an eternal life beyond the grave.
Classes of men we are doing business with
These three classes of men need our saving commodity – Jesus.

 The indifferent class

These are the ones who have not thought about their salvation.
They have not been taught the word and they have zero understanding of God’s plan for saving mankind. They are not necessarily, atheists, but rather, they are men who are ignorant of the saving commodity – Jesus. You would agree with me, that no matter how trending the Apple company is, not everyone that has seen or are aware that there is a product known as Apple PC. Right? Same way here. These men don’t know Christ in person and are not aware of Christ’s role in their lives. So, they have not thought about their salvation. This has not come to their hearts at all.

 The halting opinion class

These are people who have thought about their salvation but are delaying making a decision. They are aware of this saving commodity – Jesus, but they find it difficult to make that single decision to accept him as Lord and Savior. Some factors are responsible for this indecisiveness on their part. Maybe they are bound by a demon or just a mindset something that requires attention, and deliberate action to bring in a mental shift. When this is done then they can make that one decision that would change their entire lives forever. Just that decision to buy the truth.

The one who wants to be a Christian but does not know-how.

This class as stated above are the ones that are aware of the state of their souls, and also knows the saving commodity – Jesus, to be the only way to find rest. But they don’t know how to have access to this Jesus. They are waiting for you to come to their rescue. They are ready to dive into the river of the spirit and get born again as soon as they hear someone, who has gone the way of the LORD. Someone is eager and ready to offer them that one commodity. They are still waiting for a Phillip, who is being led by the Spirit of God to stand in the way while they do their business and come in contact with him. They are just like the Ethiopian eunuch who is struggling to read the word and grasp nothing from it. They need you brother! They need you, sister! This is the best time to offer your Jesus to those who need it today.
Think about it, What are you doing with your Jesus?
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We are going to do more of this in our coming posts. Remain blessed,

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