It is the Devil!

How often have we given the Devil so many credits for the negative things that has happened to us! Whereas most of these were actually as a result of the outcomes of our decisions. As believers we are influenced by the Holy Spirit, but if we err in our walk with Him, that is not enough to give credits to the Devil.
The Holy Spirit is our Guide, Comforter, Tower, Refuge, Teacher, Partner, Companion etc. this list goes on and on. The Holy Spirit dwells inside every believer and whenever we made such exclamation and excuse, we are in directing saying, ‘although the Holy Spirit is in us, yet the Devil overpower the Spirit of God in us’ just as it is in the natural.

Is it the Devil?

It would be wise if we faced the truth. The Devil is actually looking for means to bring down God’s children. The ultimate goal of the Devil is to see that the believer is out of Grace. But the word of the Lord has made us understand that where sins abound grace abound more. So, the question here is not about erring or automatic perfection on our side, rather it is about who takes the credit. We came to understand from God’s word that God raised Pharaoh for a purpose: to show that the LORD is Almighty and powerful.

How he operates

The strongest weapon of the Devil is ‘fear’, even a righteous man can be a victim of this device. This was used against Job. The fear of Job was an assumption of his children sinning against God. He was perfect, but his fear was his children may not or are not perfect as he is before the Lord. This made him to sacrifice on behalf of his children. And when the unexpected happen about his children he was dead standing. He lost the hope of life. We should always keep our faith under the supervision of God’s word and speak positive of His will for us amidst the good and the bad events globally. This is necessary because, once man’s spirit was crunched then only could sickness come in. This leads us to the second devices used by the Devil.

The second devices used by the Devil is ‘sickness’, health is wealth even the Devil knows about this. You will agree with me that your most effective seasons were the period you are healthy, and your most ineffective times of your life were on the sickbed. Being sick doesn’t only have effects on your body, but also on your mind, your soul, and also your spirit. When you are sick you can’t study much and you can’t pray effectively too. lastly, you are more depressed than you had been before. This gives the Devil much rooms to operate. You got to stop him by living healthy (Adequate balanced meal and quality exercise).


The third device used by the Devil is thought and assumptions. Negatively thoughts are the bench mark for setting satanic traps to hijack the peaceful and companioning relationship one has with the LORD. This device is used more to hijack the destinies of the youths. The Devil tries to make effort to manipulate the thought pattern of Christian especially new converts in the Lord and those going through difficult times. Satan is a chief strategy when it comes to playing on the intelligence of humans. He is a good farmer of bad seeds.

Then who?

The answer to that question is simple your flesh. This is to say that the spiritual influence of the Devil over a believer has been limited to zero influence, and that the Devil cannot do anything to us spiritually, except we made rooms for him to do so. Jesus has completely destroyed the work of the Devil when he died and rose again from the grave. Our chief influencer is the Holy Spirit and He gave us a will. We must will to do the right thing and give God the credits. We must will not to yield to the devices used by the Devil against our walk with the LORD. We must will to be upright by His Spirit. So, Help us God. Amen!
Thanks for staying with me all through. The LORD blesses you really good. Amen

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