My experience: The blood and prayer story

Jesus speaking, if you claimed to be the owner of a house, and have the keys to it, and you find out your windows are open, will you because of that go into your house through the window when the keys are with you? Prayer open doors. And it’s regarded as the master key. Here is my story, the Father is in a house, and I have to access the Father, I want to come to him – to His presence. I had the prayer key, but I was stained in my sins, and I smell so bad, so I can’t come in. The Son came out and shed his blood for my sins, and I was washed in his blood. So, I went into the King chamber through the blood of His Son. Just like Jacob putting on Esau robe. Now I smell differently. I am before the Father, not that he was blind or couldn’t recognize me, but He was blinded by the excess love He had for the Son, and no one could come through that gate other than His Son. He didn’t bother to interrogate me. He called me by the name of His son, Emmanuel, and Edah responded. He called me by the name of His Son, Jesus, and Jeffrey Responded. He called me by the name of Christ the Messiah, but I responded, he called me and asked me to come closer, I did. He smells me again, so He said, the voice is the voice of a man called Jeffrey, but the smell and the blood are that of my Son, -Jesus. So He blessed me. To date, I’m still in His court and He referred me by the name of His Son Onward, I came in and out on His bidding. He loved me the same way He loved His Son, what a love I found in His court, and whenever I’m out on His bidding, I’m always on tears, wondering what kind of Love is this, that would make the eyes that see the world go blind for my sake. Love sometimes is an understatement of what we derived from and arrived in the Father. Yet, I don’t know what else to call it, but I know I’m loved by the Love of God. I’m his beloved. The angels couldn’t accuse me because the Son pardoned me. They knew I’m not that Jesus, I’m not what the Father sees me be, they feel they see better that I assumed. But within they know the Father is always perfect and right. I became a wonder to them, and even to myself. The Father, said to me Son, one day you will judge my angels, I’ve given them as servants to you. Me! I exclaimed. I went out for the Father’s bidding again, and I was in tears. What manner of love is this? Then I take it on me, to tell everyone that comes my way this love season about the love, I found in the Father’s chamber, but I bet you prayers alone can’t bring you there not even myself, but the blood of His Son. Jesus we love you, give us the grace to direct the world to you. That we all may be one in the Father. I have no glory but you, and if I have glory is you, what is my glory? you in me as one. I have never regretted my loving you, as the day goes, the more I love, because you are Lord, and my God, as my all, you deserve it all.

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