The eyes of Faith

It is what your faith sees that comes your way. As it is with the natural senses so it is with our faith. There’s is a receptor that transmit life vital issues from your belief system down to your heart, your spirit and even your soul. This is why the eyes is regarded as the windows to the souls of men. Your faith; that is, what you choose to believe, determines how sound, and illuminating your heart, spirit and soul is before God. Today I shall be sharing with you enlightening information about the eyes of your faith, and how to use it appropriately and to gazed on.


For we walk by faith, not by sight. (KJV)

For we walk by faith, not by sight (living our lives in a manner consistent with our confident believe in God’s promises. (AMP)

We live by believing and not be seeing (NLT)

2 Corinthians 5:7

What is faith?

Faith is absolute trust and confidence in God.

Men of faith doesn’t seek for signs from God to believe Him

They are not interested in the opinion of others in order to believe God or accept His claim of sovereignty. They don’t have to consider what Zhores Alfred, Philip Anderson, Peter Attkins, Julius Axelrod and Percy Williams said before coming to accept what the word of God says or not. (These are top atheist and majority of them are Nobel Prize winners). But if your faith is not gazed on the right thing you might end up being the inverse version of apostle Paul. instead of converting from the class of unbelief and do great things for Good, you may end up diverting from the faith, and might even find yourself writing and speaking profusely against what you once belief, why? Because of what your faith sees – let’s say your faith perception.

What to believe

Below are the following vital issues in life from the perspective of God’s will and purpose for us to believe

  1. The good news

This is the gospel of our Lod Jesus Christ. The gospel is branched into four vital class, namely:

  • The birth and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • His death and suffering
  • His resurrection and
  • His returns

2. The saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sincerely speaking salvation looks plain and appeared very and simple and because of its simplicity many choose not to believe in it. How on earth by merely confessing “Jesus is Lord” one would be saved when it comes from the heart. There are no special rites or sacrifices to give in exchange for it. This simplicity has made the complex man to debate on either accept faith in God or not. The word says we should fix our mind on things above only, so we just have to believe in this.

3. The Word (Jesus Christ)

One of the biggest challenges of our faith perception is the enthalpy of sermons resulting to disorderliness and confusions in the body of Christ all in the name of new revelations in the word. Jesus Christ is the perfect example to believe. The words of Christ both in red, blue and dark text should be what your faith perception gaze on and used as the datum and standard reference to every sermon you reserve. The Word of Christ is dominant in the four gospel of the new testament and also in the book of Revelation. This would enable you to become a better Christian.

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